MeiLin International Hotel is a high-end four-star hotel equipped with luxurious guest rooms and suites.

Whether you are stay at home,traveling or on business, it is your ideal place.

Our hotel also provides well-equipped, high-standard conference halls and banquet halls,

which can be used for you to hold large-scale meetings and business banquets, and show your style and glory.

In addition, our hotel also provides a variety of classic cuisines from all over the world and unique entertainment and fitness activities,

so you can enjoy your leisure time to the fullest.

Carefully selected deluxe room

Our hotel has a variety of luxurious and exquisite rooms and suites,

you can choose the room that suits you best.

Elegantly decorated, spacious and comfortable big bed room,

so that you can have a good sleep every night and feel the beauty of life.

The business twin bed room with an open-air balcony,

you can lean on the railing to overlook the distance or communicate with flowers and birds after work.

There are also well-equipped luxury suites for your family or team to spend every day together.

Enjoy exquisite dining

Our hotel brings together exquisite and special delicacies from many places,

so that you can taste the taste in your memory at any time when you are far away from home. The magnificent high-end restaurant makes the guests linger and forget to return;

besides feasting, they can enjoy a moment of tranquility. Hot and fresh seafood feast, elegant and distinguished western classic,

you can choose according to your needs. The magnificent and luxurious private rooms for nobles, or the warm and unique world for two,

are waiting for you.

Heartily free your emotions

Our hotel is equipped with a super high-end luxurious bar,

which can accommodate hundreds of people at the same time,

with complete equipment and beautiful environment. At the same time,

it is equipped with a professional service team to take you into the extraordinary atmosphere quickly. It seems noisy and noisy,

but it can carry all your happiness and dissatisfaction. In an instant,

yesterday is a thing of the past,

and tomorrow can still be expected.

How to get to the hotel

Welcome to contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly 7x24 hours.